Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meeting with the IPRC

Today my husband took the day off of work to go to a meeting concerining our middle son Eric.
We went to a school in Brampton to meet his new teacher, the principal and the speech pathologist who will be working with him in september.
The meeting was to officially offer Eric the positon in the KTLC(Kindergarten transiton language C----)class.
This class is to help Eric with his language challenges, so that he can be successful with his peers in grade one. Eric i demonstrating grammatical immaturites, involving pronouns,verbs and doesn't use any past tense. He also has difficulty sequencing, which children should be able to do by JK. (ie) a four part story: Mom put candles on the cake I blew out the candles Mom cut the cake We ate the cake
If you had pictures of this story on 4 different cards, and mixed them up, (after having Eric view the cards in the right order) He would not be able to put them back in the correct order.
A four year old should be able to do this and it is critical for early literacy.

So that is why he will be going to this class in September. I am a little worried about this as Eric is quiet, and due to all of his past tramua with his surgeries, he does not transition well. I'm sure he will adjust, I just don't want him to be miserable for too long.
I asked for an afternoon placement, as we live far from the school, I don't want to disrupt his routine too much. In september I will be caring for my friends children, and her son will be going to pm kindergarten, I would like for ERic to leave roughly at the same time as him and have a simalar routnie that he is already used to, to help minimize the shock.

Despite my qualms, I know this is the best move for him. I do not want him left behid his peers just because he can't communicate clearly or read well. Hopefully this helps him and puts him on track.

As moms, we all want what is best for our kids, we never know if the choices we make at the moment are the best ones or not. All we can do is hope for the best and love them with all we got!

Till next time

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intro to blogging!

Well this is officially my first blog!! I'd never thought I would
A)have the time for this
B)be the type who would do this
C)think anyone would care what goes on in my day to day life with my three boys!

What got me doing this you ask?? Well I got a interesting email from PTPA media asking for moms to apply to test out products for companys and the comment on them. One of the criteria for this position was to have a blog, so I thought hey why not.
Then I really got thinking about it. This is a way I can share my frustrations, joys, challenges and stories with my other mom friends as well as other parents out there!

So I guess I need to share a bit about myself. I am a mom of three beautiful and very active boys! Ryan is 6 and is a bit dramatic, afectionate, smart and energetic. Eric is 4 and is quiet, thoughtful, loving and energetic. Evan is 2.5, and is smart, cuddly,and energetic. ( did you get that my kids are full of energy?!)

Having three boys 6 and under is insane! However I love them like crazy and they are my life!
They are soooo diferent from each other and you can't treat them the same, I am learning what works for one doesn't work for the other! I am finding it soo hard not to comapare them to each other. I know that it isn't right to do that and it creates HUGE self esteem issues, but I just can't help it!
Ryan was my first, so he was the one that if he looked funny I took him to the doctor, chirorpractor,naturopath etc. I doted on him, which I think we as parents tend to do with our first born. Problem is he still expects that. If he wants something, he expects that he is entitled to it, he even says "I should be first I was the first one born!" How do I break him of all this expectaition?? I finding it difficult. At karate he is doing very well, however at the end of these lessons, they play dodge ball, if he gets hit he starts to cry "it missed me" and tries to convine the sensei to let him stay in the game, when the game is over he strarts to cry! It is really embarrasing! I am at a loss on how to stop it, I have tried the usuall suspects, threateing, taking away the next lesson, bribing, it isn't working! Seriously, any ideas??

Eric is my soft spot. When he was born he had a condition called Hypospadias. Which means his urethra didn't go all the way to the tip of his penis. He needed surgery. We went to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for the operation that had a 95% success rate, guess which percentile Eric was in? So 6 months later we were back at Sick Kids for the second surgery. This time Eric was part of a study and the dr from Germany who invented the surgery assissted. We still ended up in the 5th percentile! So 6 months later back at the hospital for surgery #3 and finally it worked! So now Eric can pee in a straight line like all other boys, and I am sure he'll do just fine in a peeing competion!!!
Eric also has a speech delay. He didn't speak at all, just one work utterences. When he was 3 we started at Erinoak for speech therapy and it has helped so much! However his grammar isn't where it should be and neither are his fundamental literacy skills, so he is off to a new school in September to help him with that (more on that later as I have a meeting in the school tomorrow)

Evan is the baby, and I swear my last one!! Because I know he is my last one, I really babied him, I lay down with him for naps, I give in when he has a tantrum ( I am getting better at that)
He knows he runs the show and acts as such! My fault I know I am gonna have fun with this one!! Yesterday he was so mad at me that I said no to chocolate(at 9am) He proceeded to the bathroom and flooded it! (remind me later to tell that story in greater detail!)
Evan doesn't realize he is 2. He thinks he is as old as his brothers and can have/do what they can! So it is always a challenge with him
Oh yeah did I mention he has food allergies\?? Yeah, to milk, eggs, peas, peanuts, and treenuts. Yeah its fun

Well that is my intro hope I did alright and will go into detail and share stories, findings whatever!

Take care and talk soon