Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meeting with the IPRC

Today my husband took the day off of work to go to a meeting concerining our middle son Eric.
We went to a school in Brampton to meet his new teacher, the principal and the speech pathologist who will be working with him in september.
The meeting was to officially offer Eric the positon in the KTLC(Kindergarten transiton language C----)class.
This class is to help Eric with his language challenges, so that he can be successful with his peers in grade one. Eric i demonstrating grammatical immaturites, involving pronouns,verbs and doesn't use any past tense. He also has difficulty sequencing, which children should be able to do by JK. (ie) a four part story: Mom put candles on the cake I blew out the candles Mom cut the cake We ate the cake
If you had pictures of this story on 4 different cards, and mixed them up, (after having Eric view the cards in the right order) He would not be able to put them back in the correct order.
A four year old should be able to do this and it is critical for early literacy.

So that is why he will be going to this class in September. I am a little worried about this as Eric is quiet, and due to all of his past tramua with his surgeries, he does not transition well. I'm sure he will adjust, I just don't want him to be miserable for too long.
I asked for an afternoon placement, as we live far from the school, I don't want to disrupt his routine too much. In september I will be caring for my friends children, and her son will be going to pm kindergarten, I would like for ERic to leave roughly at the same time as him and have a simalar routnie that he is already used to, to help minimize the shock.

Despite my qualms, I know this is the best move for him. I do not want him left behid his peers just because he can't communicate clearly or read well. Hopefully this helps him and puts him on track.

As moms, we all want what is best for our kids, we never know if the choices we make at the moment are the best ones or not. All we can do is hope for the best and love them with all we got!

Till next time


  1. Hey Melanie!

    Sounds like you have lots going on! We do too. Are you still at Erinoak? We are too, if so I'll probably bump into you there at some point( we are there twice next week!) Did you get wonderland passes again? Would love to see you and the boys again!

  2. Sorry, you probably have no clue who "tollerdog" is! LOL. Its Jackie!

  3. i'm sure he'll do fine sweetie