Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After I got home from the bus today, there was a message on my phone from Ryan's teacher. He was trying to give a boy in his class $10 to buy a snowmobile. Three things are wrong with this. 1. It is no longer winter 2. Snowmobiles cost way more than 10 bucks 3. He stole the 10 bucks from me.

I drove the boys to school today. Before I did this I ran some errands with them, and then took them through the drive thru at Timmies for a treat. The cashier gave me my change and instead of putting it away in my wallet, I left the money in the drink holder.
When I dropped the boys off, thats when Ry must have swiped my money, as I was getting his younger brothers out of the car.

I am so shocked at this! I can't believe my 6 yr old would steal! Sure I know most kids steal at some point, I remember stealing barbie stickers from a convienice store my aunt worked at when we went to visit her with my mom, and then hiding the wrapers under the cushion of one of the chairs in the good living room( sorry mom). But I thought I had a while yet before he would even consider this!
We have had the stealing is wrong talk before, when he has taken a toy from a friends house, but I never thought he would take money!
As soon as he got off the bus, I made him give me back my money and I sent him straight up to his room for the remainder of the night. He had to miss karate, which is the worst of the punishment, as he really enjoys it. I didn't yell or hit him, I just spoke calmly.

I hope I handled this ok. I want to teach him a lesson, I hope he'll get it. Man this job is hard!
Balance is definatley hard to get a grip on. Whether it is on my wii fit or in my daily life, it seems to elude me!
I am slowly realizing that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what I would like to, and that I am expecting way to much of myself. I need to stop worrying what other people MAY think and focus on myself and the boys.
I am currently working three jobs as well as the most important one, being a mom. I drive school bus, which my kids come with me, I babysit my friends son two days a week and usually on those same two days I work at Rona. The other two nights (mon and wed) its swimming, baseball and karate. No wonder I can't get anything done, I'm too tired!!!
Things'll get done in their own time, I just need to accept that, and enjoy the fleeting time when my house was clean.(Sunday all day thank you Jen!!)

On a different note, Evan has started pre school and seems to be enjoying it. He goes on Wednsedays and is hesitant when he gets there, but doesn't cry. When I pick him up he is smiling and runs up the steps to greet me! Gotta love that excited MOMMMY!!!!
So come September he'll be going two days a week, he should like some Evan time.

He is crying now so I will finish this later, take care everyone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week one of experiment

Well, I know its been awhile since I wrote, but it has been super crazy in the Jordan household. Between work, scrapbooking,a wonderful night at the sound of music. I have been run off of my feet.
The days were pretty much the same as usual, bus, and kids and errands. However I made a change. I let the dishes pile up until dinner, I did one load of laundry and hung it out to dry a day, and I played outside with my boys.
My house is trashed. I need a maid. But I feel good. I still hate having chaos around me, but I had fun being R.C.(the girl robot from transformers),a constant mission control operator at the Jordan Space Centre(the pusher on the swings) and a treasure hunter in the dessert(sand box).
I know I still have to figure out some sort of balance between being a mom and a housekeeper. Not sure how to do it just yet. I still really treasure my down time at the end of the day. On Tuesday night I went for a walk with one of my BFFs. I came home and my husband and kids were sound asleep. I did the dishes, cleaned the living room and folded laundry. I had the energy left over from the walk to do this, I went to bed after 10. I didn't mind it that night, but I don't want to do that every night.
What I really want I guess is an easy solution. I know there isn't one. I will keep trying things out. The problem with me is, even when I find something that works, its sticking to it. It is sooo easy slipping right back into the old habits. I'm finding that even with weight loss. It is easy for me to start the day off right, counting points, not snacking but as the afternoon approaches....bam back to the old ways of crappy eating. Wouldn't it be nice just to close your eyes and think good things, then open them and there they are? Clean house, supper made, fitting into last years shorts....Ahh wishful thinking!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some form of Sanity PLEASE

I have a problem and I keep going in circles with it. Just when I think I have the solution, I try it out, it works ok and then I seem to be right back where I started.
My problem is I want it all. I want a clean house, play time with my kids, time for myself and for my husband and a good meal on the table that everyone can and will eat.
Why can't I obtain this goal??? It is so frustrating. Here is my routine, its not the one I consiously choose, it just kinda happens EVERY day. Once I get home from the bus, the kids want snacks, I get them for them, I turn on the tv so I can do a small chore, and I think then I will play with them after just one load of laundry, well the one load turns into more, I do the dishes while the wash is going, I hang up the laundry or fold it, give the kids a snack because now it is 1030. I keep picking up the mess the boys just made in one room, do more laundry, try to put it away and now its lunch. I make lunch, get boys snacks and backpacks packed for school, go out side with all 3 boys for a 1/2hr play time before the bus comes, but Ryan and ERic on the bus, play with Evan for a few more minutes, come in for snack and some down time before leaving for the bus at 210. Come home from bus at 415, depending on the weather play outside or bring Evan in. tv back on, get the boys from the bus at 435, start supper (oh no what am I going to make cause I forgot to get something out of the freezer AGAIN) Eat supper and try to relax with my husband or go to lessons, depening on the day.
At bed time, the house is still messy, there STILL is laundry and I have had no time for myself or the kids. I am so tired of this cycle, I need to change it I just don't know how. I am exhausting myself.
Today started like any other day, I got the kids breakfast, I did the dishes, got the laundry going, put the boys laundry away. The whole time Eric and Evan were quietly watching tv, I kept walking by them, they paid no attention to me, nor I to them. Finally I guess Eric got tired of this, he got up, went to the play room and started to play. While I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and contemplating getting ready for church, he asked me to play with him. so I went in and sat down, and played with the little people with him. Normally I would play for 5 minutes and then get up and go do the dishes, clean a room whatever. Today, I sat there, I let him play and I followed his lead. In this time the wash finished, I ignored it. He then started to pretend He was Megatron, I played along. It felt good. It was then time to get dressed for church and go pick up Ry from his sleep over. We went to church, came home, had lunch and went outside. I hung up some clothes, and threw another load in. That load never made it out on the line, I stayed outside and played in the sandbox, pushed a kid on a swing and tried to dam up the puddle in the driveway. We then went inside for some quiet time, and then started making a craft.
I have a mountain of laundry to do, my floors are sticky, I have dishes to do and Ryan's room is a mess. but I enjoyed my boys today. I gave them all of me.
Lets see how tomorrow goes.........