Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After I got home from the bus today, there was a message on my phone from Ryan's teacher. He was trying to give a boy in his class $10 to buy a snowmobile. Three things are wrong with this. 1. It is no longer winter 2. Snowmobiles cost way more than 10 bucks 3. He stole the 10 bucks from me.

I drove the boys to school today. Before I did this I ran some errands with them, and then took them through the drive thru at Timmies for a treat. The cashier gave me my change and instead of putting it away in my wallet, I left the money in the drink holder.
When I dropped the boys off, thats when Ry must have swiped my money, as I was getting his younger brothers out of the car.

I am so shocked at this! I can't believe my 6 yr old would steal! Sure I know most kids steal at some point, I remember stealing barbie stickers from a convienice store my aunt worked at when we went to visit her with my mom, and then hiding the wrapers under the cushion of one of the chairs in the good living room( sorry mom). But I thought I had a while yet before he would even consider this!
We have had the stealing is wrong talk before, when he has taken a toy from a friends house, but I never thought he would take money!
As soon as he got off the bus, I made him give me back my money and I sent him straight up to his room for the remainder of the night. He had to miss karate, which is the worst of the punishment, as he really enjoys it. I didn't yell or hit him, I just spoke calmly.

I hope I handled this ok. I want to teach him a lesson, I hope he'll get it. Man this job is hard!

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  1. You are much better then me, I would have given out a spank!