Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Balance is definatley hard to get a grip on. Whether it is on my wii fit or in my daily life, it seems to elude me!
I am slowly realizing that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what I would like to, and that I am expecting way to much of myself. I need to stop worrying what other people MAY think and focus on myself and the boys.
I am currently working three jobs as well as the most important one, being a mom. I drive school bus, which my kids come with me, I babysit my friends son two days a week and usually on those same two days I work at Rona. The other two nights (mon and wed) its swimming, baseball and karate. No wonder I can't get anything done, I'm too tired!!!
Things'll get done in their own time, I just need to accept that, and enjoy the fleeting time when my house was clean.(Sunday all day thank you Jen!!)

On a different note, Evan has started pre school and seems to be enjoying it. He goes on Wednsedays and is hesitant when he gets there, but doesn't cry. When I pick him up he is smiling and runs up the steps to greet me! Gotta love that excited MOMMMY!!!!
So come September he'll be going two days a week, he should like some Evan time.

He is crying now so I will finish this later, take care everyone!

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