Monday, May 11, 2009

Week one of experiment

Well, I know its been awhile since I wrote, but it has been super crazy in the Jordan household. Between work, scrapbooking,a wonderful night at the sound of music. I have been run off of my feet.
The days were pretty much the same as usual, bus, and kids and errands. However I made a change. I let the dishes pile up until dinner, I did one load of laundry and hung it out to dry a day, and I played outside with my boys.
My house is trashed. I need a maid. But I feel good. I still hate having chaos around me, but I had fun being R.C.(the girl robot from transformers),a constant mission control operator at the Jordan Space Centre(the pusher on the swings) and a treasure hunter in the dessert(sand box).
I know I still have to figure out some sort of balance between being a mom and a housekeeper. Not sure how to do it just yet. I still really treasure my down time at the end of the day. On Tuesday night I went for a walk with one of my BFFs. I came home and my husband and kids were sound asleep. I did the dishes, cleaned the living room and folded laundry. I had the energy left over from the walk to do this, I went to bed after 10. I didn't mind it that night, but I don't want to do that every night.
What I really want I guess is an easy solution. I know there isn't one. I will keep trying things out. The problem with me is, even when I find something that works, its sticking to it. It is sooo easy slipping right back into the old habits. I'm finding that even with weight loss. It is easy for me to start the day off right, counting points, not snacking but as the afternoon approaches....bam back to the old ways of crappy eating. Wouldn't it be nice just to close your eyes and think good things, then open them and there they are? Clean house, supper made, fitting into last years shorts....Ahh wishful thinking!

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